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Clearpath Updates LORD Microstrain IMU ROS Driver with Key Features

Clearpath Updates LORD Microstrain IMU ROS Driver with Key Features

LORD Sensing IMU

The ROS driver for LORD Microstrain GX5 series IMUs has been extended to include more features. Previously, the driver only streamed data to ROS topics from the IMU. Now, using ROS services, users can access functions available from the Microstrain SDK to change various settings and calibration options in the IMU. Additionally, diagnostic information is continuously sent to the rqt robot monitor, enabling users to see the status of the different features of the IMU. The following is a list of the different settings on the IMU that can be changed via ROS services. Some of the features are only available on certain versions of the GX5 (15, 25, 35, or 45).

ROS service list:

  • get/set accelerometer bias
  • get/set gyroscope bias
  • perform gyroscope bias capture
  • get/set hard iron matrix values
  • get/set soft iron matrix values
  • get/set complementary filter values
  • set euler and heading angle values
  • get/set sensor to vehicle frame transformation
  • get/set reference position
  • get/set coning and sculling compensation
  • get/set estimation control flags
  • get/set zero velocity update threshold
  • get/set zero angle update threshold
  • get/set accelerometer noise values
  • get/set gyroscope noise values
  • get/set magnetometer noise values
  • get/set gyroscope bias model values
  • get/set accelerometer adaptive measurement values
  • get/set magnetometer adaptive measurement values
  • get device basic status
  • get device diagnostic report
  • get/set vehicle dynamics mode
  • get/set sensor to vehicle frame offset
  • get/set accelerometer bias model
  • get/set magnetometer dip angle adaptive measurement values

Click here to get the updated ROS driver. 

Click here to view more information on Lord Microstrain IMUs. 

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