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Wireless E-Stop

In an emergency, every second counts. FORT’s Wireless E-Stop saves you valuable time when it matters most. The handheld remote stop button can shut down any machine system from a safe distance. When fixed emergency stops are out of reach, the Wireless E-Stop provides instant peace of mind.

  • Prevent accidents and protect your team
  • Patented safety system for maximum reliability
  • Redundant two-way monitoring ensures that your “stop” command will always be heard
  • All-day battery and long-range connectivity
  • Designed to leading industry safety requirements

Requires the following:

  • Wireless E-Stop accessory starter kit
  • Vehicle Safety Controller (receiver) with VSC accessory starter kit

Pair with Vehicle Safety Controller

The on-machine VSC pairs with FORT’s Wireless E-Stop and/or Safe Remote Control and acts
as the receiver for those systems. With patented communication technology and industry-
leading safety architecture, the VSC is built from the ground up for maximum reliability.

E-Stop Applications

The Wireless E-Stop works with any machine that has an emergency stop circuit. Remote stopping protects people and property in a variety of machine applications.

Stop mobile robots, industrial machinery, autonomous systems, and heavy equipment instantly and safely.

  • Material Handling
  • Industrial
  • Education, R+D
  • Heavy Equipment

Intervene Immediately from a Safe Distance

The lightweight Wireless E-Stop can be carried or worn on a belt for all-day protection. Once paired, the handset and receiver are in constant two-way communication.

In an unsafe situation, a push of the remote emergency stop button will trigger an immediate, safe stop of the machine. 

Integrates with Existing Systems

The Wireless E-Stop is easy to incorporate into your existing safety systems. The E-Stop handset pairs with FORT’s Vehicle Safety Controller (VSC) receiver. The VSC can be mounted on any machine and hard-wired into any standard E-Stop circuit.

Flexible Pairing

Multipoint pairing options allow you to stop one of more machines from one or more E-Stop locations. Use FORT’s configuration tool to easily set up your system and pair Wireless E-Stop handsets with VSC receivers. 

Technical Specifications

  • 2km LOS range with 900 Mhz radio.
  • 500+m LOS range with 2.4Ghz radio
  • Designed to meet ISO 13849 PLd Cat 3
  • -20℃ to 60℃ operation 
  • Up to 12 hour battery life
  • Operates while charging
  • IP65 rating for industrial use
  • Pairs with FORT’s Vehicle Safety Controller