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Ultra near-field vision for your autonomous robot. Our Velarray M1600 lidar puts the A in AMR.

Customer inspired, Velodyne engineered

M1600 was designed for high-volume mobile robotic applications, with direct input from robotics and last-mile delivery customers.

  • Nearly 365-day, 24/7 operation
  • Real-time perception data for AMRs
  • Creates safe and efficient environments

Sleek, embeddable design

We designed the aesthetically pleasing, compact M1600 to be a perfect fit for external mounting. It was also developed with a streamlined single connector for ease of embeddability.

Splash, Water & Dust Resistant

Industrial Grade IP67 rated, the M1600 has complete protection against dust and is water resistant. Sensors are vibration and shock tested for quality and reliability during design verification testing. Install without your own housing for off the shelf integration and be ready for all environmental conditions.

Dual return mode for the win

The M1600's dual return mode enables the accurate capture of complex environments by greatly increasing the number of usable data points. Hard to detect small objects and surface? No problem. All of this is done with our advanced firmware that provides lower data bandwidth, allowing for simpler algorithms and reduced false positives.


How near can the M1600 see?

The M1600 has a perception range of 0.1 m to 30 m.

Is the M1600 only for robotics?

No, the M1600 can be used for a wide variety of industries, including, industrial, warehousing, infrastructure, military/aerospace, delivery, manufacturing, logistics, e-commerice, data centers, healthcare, biotech, research and development.

Can the M1600 be used in the dark?

Yes, because lidar is its own light source, it can operate in all lighting and weather conditions, unlike camera and radar.