SPOT Backpack

by Clearpath Robotics

Extensible Platform for Spot

The Spot Backpack, by Clearpath Robotics, is a weatherproof add-on platform for the SPOT quadruped robot from Boston Dynamics. 

The Backpack makes SPOT easily extensible and customizable by allowing users to integrate a wide variety of additional sensors and components.

Using our backpack you can integrate multiple LiDARs, GPS/GNSS systems, machine vision cameras, thermal sensors, security cameras, cobots, and much more...

Still running a bare SPOT? It's time to accessorize your SPOT and make it your own!



Key Features

  • Lightweight IP-55 Enclosure
  • Boston Dynamics GXP
  • Computer Options
  • Networks Switch (5-Port)
  • Regulated Power (5V, 12V, and 24V up to 150W)
  • Cooling Fans (Inlet & Exhaust)
  • Corner LED Arrays
  • Data User Breakouts with IP-65 (Ethernet, USB, and HDMI)
  • Cable path-through with IP-65 (up to 8 cables)
  • UHF and SHF High Gain Whip Tilt Antennas

Optional Features

  • LIDAR Package (Velodyne and others)
  • GPS Navigation Package (Swiftnav and others)
  • Cobot Package (Kinova and others)
  • User Power Breakouts
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