SORA 200

by Cepton

SORA 200 delivers long-range, high-resolution and low-cost mapping capabilities to aerial or ground-based vehicles. Its lightweight design is ideal for UAVs or unmanned robots tasked with map development.

LIGHTWEIGHT: At 550 grams, the SORA 200 can be deployed in situations where payload size matters. Its lighter weight means longer trips with less need to stop for a refuel or recharge.

LONG-RANGE: With its 200 meters range, the SORA 200 allows unmanned vehicles to cover more ground and reduce the total amount of trips needed for map creation, directly translating into cost savings. For aerial applications, the SORA 200 allows drones to fly higher. The dual scanning lines allow for stronger LiDAR penetration for more accurate map building.

HIGH-RESOLUTION: With a 200 Hz frame rate, vehicles equipped with the SORA 200 can operate faster while maintaining high-quality map data collection.

About Cepton

Cepton Technologies, Inc., a global provider of 3D sensing solutions for the automotive, industrial and mapping markets, manufactures LiDAR units that employ a unique micro-motion technique. This proprietary technology eliminates the need for large spinning parts, saving on weight and space. The company uses off-the-shelf materials in its automated manufacturing process, for quicker, more scalable production. Cepton’s LiDAR technology delivers unrivaled performance and resolution at low cost, to enable perception for the smart machines of tomorrow.


System Parameter SORA200 (Mapping)
Detection Range (m) 200
Weight (g) 550
Lines/Pixels 300 H, 2 V
FOV 60º H, 18º V (2 lines: +9º/-9º)
Angular Resolution 0.2 deg H, 18 deg V
Frame Rate (Hz) 200
Size (WxHxD) inch 3.5 x 2.6 x 4
Power Consumption (W) 12
Range Resolution 2.5cm
Multi Return Up to Two Returns
Output 100 Mbps Ethernet, UDP Packet Synchronized Timestamps Position, Distance, Intensity
Environmental Protection IP67
Laser Wavelength (nm) 906nm
Output 100 Mbps Ethernet, UDP Packet Synchronized Timestamps, Position, Distance, Intensity
Developer Platform Support Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora), Windows, Max OS X, Native Python Bindings, Robot Operating System (ROS), NVIDIA Drive PX2, Jetson TX2



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