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SCALA 3D Laser Scanner

by Valeo


Valeo SCALA 3D Laser Scanner (Gen 2) kit is a plug and play kit developed to allow easy interfacing with the Valeo SCALA 2 LiDAR sensor to obtain the point cloud output of the sensor. 

Valeo's SCALA 2 is the new generation of Valeo automotive grade laser scanner. This new generation provides increased vertical field of view and angular resolution. The SCALA 2 is a key enabler for ADAS and automated driving applications. 

The Mobility Kit is a plug and play system, including all necessary hardware to connect to an ethernet port on a personal computer, and decoder software.

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics

SCALA dimensions

With mounting brackets

68 x 150 x 107 mm (H x W x D)

137 x 191 x 123 mm (H x W x D)

SCALA 2 weight 750 g
Mounting bracket weight 400 g


Scala 2 Characteristics

Laser Class Class 1
905 nm
Pulse duration and power
< 5 ns 
80W max. peak power out




Horizontal angle

0.125° for +/-15°

0.25° for +/-15° to +/-66.5°

Vertical angle
< 100mm


Scan Pattern

Horizontal field of view 133°
Vertical field of view
Scan rate
25 Hz
Number of layers
16 per scan
16 + 16 interlaced per scan pair


Data sheet