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Qb2 is based on Blickfeld's proprietary solid-state software-defined LiDAR technology, and, as an industry first, enables the capturing and processing of 3D LiDAR data on a single device.

The integrated compute model allows Blickfeld Percept software stack to run on the device providing data for volume monitoring purposes, crowd analytics and smart infrastructure. WiFi on the device removes the need for additional network cabling.


  • On-device processing: The Qb2 combines light detection and ranging technology with powerful processing hardware that can run a complete perception software stack. No additional computers needed. 
  • WiFi connectivity: WiFi on the device enables device connectivity and removes the need for additional network cabling, keeping installation and maintenance costs low. 
  • Actionable data: The intuitive web interface allows users to adapt perception algorithms and data output easily. The enriched, real-time data can be automatically fed into IT systems like the ERP or the cloud.

Technical Specifications

Field of view
90° x 45°
Typical application range
1 - 100 m
Ca. 75 mm x 111 mm x 83 mm
Detection range
Ca. 535 g
Voltage input
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
IEEE 802.3at Type 1
Scan lines per second
Power consumption
Type. 10 W; max. 13 W
Ingress Protection
(IEC 60529)
Operating ambient temperature
-30°C to +60°C
Storage temperature
-30°C to +60°C