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Puck Hi-Res


Expanding on Velodyne LiDAR's groundbreaking VLP-16 Puck, a 16-channel, real-time 3D LiDAR sensor that weighs just 830 grams, Puck Hi-Res is used in applications that require greater resolution in the captured 3D image. Puck Hi-Res retains the VLP-16 Puck's 360° horizontal field-of-view (FoV) and 100-meter range, but delivers a 20° vertical FoV for a tighter channel distribution – 1.33° between channels instead of 2.00° – to deliver greater details in the 3D image at longer ranges. This will enable the host system to not only detect, but also better discern, objects at these greater distances.


  • ± 10° Vertical FoV
  • Dual Returns
  • 16 Channels
  • 100m Range
  • Up to ~600,000 Points per Second
  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Protective Design
  • Connectors: RJ45 / M12


Higher Resolution at Longer Distances while Maintaining High Point Density

The Puck Hi-Res has a range of 100 m with dual return mode to capture greater detail in the 3D image at longer ranges at a low power consumption. A compact footprint with closer spacing between channels to enable greater resolution of 3D images, the Puck Hi-Res provides more detailed views in applications such as autonomous vehicles, surveillance and 3D mapping/imaging.

It supports 16 channels and generates 300,000 points/second from a 360° horizontal field of view and a 20° vertical field of view with ±10° from the horizon. The Puck Hi-Res has no visible rotating parts and is encapsulated in a package that allows it to operate over a wide temperature range and environmental conditions.

Key Applications

  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Mapping
  • Security
  • UAV
  • Industrial