by Franka Emika


Panda from Franka Emika GmbH - the robot for everyone – sensitive, interconnected, adaptive and cost-efficient. Inspired by human agility and sense of touch, it is a sensitive and extraordinarily versatile power tool. With torque sensors in all seven axes, the arm skillfully and delicately manipulates objects, flawlessly accomplishing tasks you program it for. Architected, designed, developed and produced in Germany.


  • 7 Degrees of Freedom
  • Payload - 3kg
  • Maximum Reach - 855 mm
  • Expected nominal lifetime - 20,000 h

Technical Specifications

System Parameter Panda
Degrees of Freedom 7 rotating joints
F/T Sensing Link-side torque sensors in all 7 axes
Expected nominal lifetime 20,000 h
Weight  17.8 kg
Reach 855 mm / 33.7 in
Collision Detection Time <2 ms
Nominal collision reaction time <50 ms
Protection rating IP30



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