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The M16-LED is the proven Leddar workhorse that is valued for its versatility and reliability. This module’s infrared LED light source provides wide-beam illumination at ranges up to 100 m and is offered in six different field-of-view configurations.


  • Detection range up to 146 m (479 ft.)
  • Various beam options for optimized field of view
  • Rapid data acquisition rate of up to 100 Hz
  • Proven reliability both indoors and outdoors
  • Immune to ambient light variations
  • Outstanding robustness, with no moving parts


Thanks to its high-precision detection capabilities, the Leddar M16 can locate obstacles such as fixed structures, vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. This makes it the LiDAR of choice for mobility applications where off-the-shelf sensor modules are required, including a wide variety of intelligent transport system (ITS) and automated traffic management uses cases. M16 modules are also used to develop specialized detection applications for a wide range of industrial and commercial vehicles, from public transit buses to construction trucks.