By Cepton

The HR80T (Telephoto) is a cost-effective, long range, high resolution LiDAR offering a 300 meter range, and a 0.2 deg angular resolution for both horizontal and vertical directions. 

Technical Specifications

System Parameter HR80T(Telephoto)
Pixels/Lines 80x80
Detection Range (m) 1~200
Distance resolution (cm) 2.5
Angular Resolution (deg) 0.19 x 0.19
Field of View (deg) 15 x 15
Frame Rate (Hz) 10
Data Rate (points per sec) 64000
Power Consumption (W) 24
Operation Voltage (V) 9 ~18
Operation Temperature -20 ~ 65
`Dimension (mm) 143 x 120 x 154
Weight (kg) 2.5
Environmental Protection IP67
Laser Wavelength (nm) 905
Laser Safety Class-1 eye safe
Output 100 Mbps Ethernet, UDP Packet Synchronized Timestamps, Position, Distance, Intensity
Developer Platform Support Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora), Windows, Max OS X, Native Python Bindings, Robot Operating System (ROS), NVIDIA Drive PX2, Jetson TX2


Cepton LiDAR Data Sheet

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