Haption Virtuose 6D

by Haption


The Virtuose 6D is a 6 active degrees-of-freedom haptic device, specifically designed to interact in Virtual Reality environments.

Thanks to its large workspace and high forces, it enables a scale one interaction with digital mock-up from the CAD.

The Virtuose 6D is especially suited for scale one manipulations for distant applications, such as robotic control, also called teleoperation or remote handling. It is also used as a co-manipulation medical robot and in rehabilitation applications.

6 Active Degrees of Freedom

  • Passive weight balancing
  • Ethernet/UDP communication system
  • Removable handle, equipped with programmable buttons and a proximity sensor connected to a dead-man function
  • Dedicated plug-ins for: Unity3D™, 3DExperience™, Catia™ & Delmia™ V5, Solidworks™, Siemens Tecnomatix™ & Classic Jack™
  • Drivers (binary and/or source code) available for: Python™, Worldviz Vizard™, ROS™, CHAI3D™, ODE™, Matlab Simulink™, Nvidia Flex™, ...


The user takes hold of the haptic device using a gripper or handle placed at the tip (called “end-effector”).
The end-effector is easy to remove and replace, so that a frequent change of tool is possible, in order to customize the application and reinforce the sensation of immersion.
The gripping tool is equipped with three push-buttons that can be accessed through the VirtuoseAPI.


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