Franka Robot System

by Franka Emika


Soft-robot performance, smart and industry-ready.
Enabling automation for anyone, anywhere.

The Franka Robot System from Franka Emika GmbH - the robot for everyone – sensitive, interconnected, adaptive and cost-efficient. Inspired by human agility and sense of touch, it is a sensitive and extraordinarily versatile power tool.

With torque sensors in all seven axes, the arm skillfully and delicately manipulates objects, flawlessly accomplishing tasks you program it for. Architected, designed, developed and produced in Germany.

Franka World connects

Franka World is an online platform that interconnects Franka Emika’s customers, partners, developers and robots!

By bringing the Franka Robot System into the cloud, all parties can mutually benefit from each other’s interaction, and gain integrated access to the products and services provided by Franka Emika and our network of qualified partners.


Working with Panda

The Franka Robot System offers the easiest and fastest workflow-based user experience. Using Desk – Franka Emika’s browser based interface – apps can be arranged to create entire tasks in no time. These tasks can quickly be adapted, reused or deployed on multiple robots to remarkably reduce setup  costs.

An app for every purpose

Robot apps incorporate the entire complexity of the system and represent modular building blocks of a production process such as grasping, plugging, insertion and screwing. Individual apps can be parameterized by means of showing the Franka Robot System poses by demonstration, or adding context relevant parameters such as speed, duration, forces, and triggering actions.

Franka World is an online platform that interconnects customers, partners, developers and robots!

Franka World provides access to the store where you can browse a continuously growing portfolio of accredited robot apps, software and hardware extensions.

Technical Specifications

System Parameter Panda
Degrees of Freedom 7 rotating joints
F/T Sensing Link-side torque sensors in all 7 axes
Expected nominal lifetime 20,000 h
Weight  17.8 kg
Reach 855 mm / 33.7 in
Collision Detection Time <2 ms
Nominal collision reaction time <50 ms
Protection rating IP30


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