Blackfly S



Looking for a different model or camera specifications? Contact us at We offer the complete line of FLIR machine vision sensors, including lenses and accessories, and can help you choose the perfect camera for your project.

The Blackfly S is a compact, high performance machine vision camera that allows designers to easily produce the exact images they need. With features for both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing, the Blackfly S accelerates application development.


The Exact Images You Need

  • Choice of CMOS global shutter, polarization, and high-sensitivity BSI sensors
  • Color transformation tools ensure true- to-life color

  • Advanced auto-algorithms or precise manual control

Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere

  • Support for a wide range of operating systems and host system hardware architectures
  • Easily switch to board level models for embedded systems
  • Simplified product iteration with consistent form factor across sensor sizes

Accelerate Application Development

  • Compatible with third party software and hardware
  • Less code-writing required using powerful on-camera features
  • Quickly build custom applications with rich sample code and descriptive API logging

Library of Resources

  • Library of Technical Application Notes, Knowledge Base articles and how-to videos



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