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The LORD Sensing 3DM-GX5 family of high-performance, industrial-grade inertial sensors provides a wide range of triaxial inertial measurements and computed attitude and navigation solutions.

In all models, the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) includes direct measurement of acceleration and angular rate. The computed outputs vary between models and can include pitch, roll, yaw, a complete attitude and heading reference solution (AHRS), or a complete position, velocity and attitude solution (PVA), as well as integrated GNSS outputs. All sensors are fully temperature-compensated and calibrated over the operating temperature. The use of Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology allows for highly accurate, small, light-weight devices.

The LORD Sensing MIP Monitor software can be used for device configuration, live data monitoring, and recording. Alternatively, the MIP Data Communications Protocol is available for development of custom interfaces and easy OEM integration.

Product Highlights

  • High-performance integrated multi-constellation GNSS receiver and advanced MEMS sensor technology provide direct inertial measurements, and computed attitude and heading outputs in a small package
  • Triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature sensors, and a pressure altimeter achieve the optimal combination of measurement qualities
  • Economical combination of AHRS and GNSS outputs for use in customer supplied Kalman Filters


Best in Class Performance

  • Fully calibrated, temperature-compensated, and mathematically-aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system for highly accurate outputs
  • High-performance, low-drift gyros with noise density of 0.005°/sec/√Hz and VRE of 0.001°/s/g2RMS
  • Accelerometer noise as low as 25 ug/√Hz

Ease of Use

  • Easy integration via comprehensive and fully backwards-compatible communication protocol

Cost Effective

  • Out-of-the box solution reduces development time
  • Volume discounts


  • Triaxial accelerometer
  • Triaxial gyroscope
  • Triaxial magnetometer
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensor
  • GNSS receiver