Part Number: BB2-08S2C-25


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This compact stereo camera is popular within the research community. It offers 2 1032 x776 colour CCD cameras separated by a 12 cm baseline. Stereo cameras are used for 3D mapping, object recognition and navigation. Can be mounted on a pan-tilt unit to increase coverage.

Technical Specifications

  • 1032 x 776 at 20 FPS
  • Sony ICX204 CCD
  • Global shutter
  • Color
  • 2 x M12 microlens

Model Specifications

Resolution 1032 x 776
Frame Rate 20 FPS
Megapixels 0.8 MP
Chroma Color
Sensor Name Sony ICX204
Sensor Type CCD
Readout Method Global shutter
Sensor Format 1/3"
Pixel Size 4.65 µm
Lens Mount 2 x M12 microlens

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