The TurtleBot is a multi-functional platform suited to educational and research applications. The TurtleBot comes with the best low-cost hardware components to give you a capable, autonomous platform for developing robot applications. The Kobuki, Kinect, netbook, and gyro are all integrated together to get the most out of each. Multiple mounting locations let you customize TurtleBot to your own needs.
Unassembled TurtleBot 2 Package

Turtlebot 2 Essentials

Clearpath Robotics


TurtleBot 2 kit without the Netbook and Orbbec Astra Pro. This Kit comes unassembled. What's Included? Mobile Robot Base 2200 mAh Li-Po Battery Fa...

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TurtleBot spare battery

Turtlebot 2 Large Battery

Clearpath Robotics


Extended battery pack: 4400 mAh capacity Li-Ion unit Downloads Turtle Bot Data Sheet Turtlebot Brochure

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