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RS-Ruby Plus


RS-Ruby Plus is a new 128-beam mechanical LiDAR specifically designed for L4+ autonomous driving. Compared with RS-Ruby, it has reduced volume by 50%, weight by 52% and power consumption by 33% for a greatly improved performance.

RS-Ruby Plus has achieved a breakthrough in detection range, reaching 240 m at 10% reflectivity. It can detect vehicles and pedestrians 200 m away with a maximum resolution of 0.1°, greatly increasing the response time for high-speed autonomous driving.

Additionally, RS-Ruby Pius's stronger ground detection capability is complemented by excellent reflectivity performance to achieve a maximum 85 m extra-long traffic lane line detection.

Sensor Specifications

Number of Lines 128
Laser Wavelength 905 nm
Laser Safety

Class 1 eye safe

Blind Spot ≤0.4 m
Vertical FoV 40° ( -25° ~+ 15°)

240m(240m@10% NIST)

Range Accuracy ±3cm (3sigma, 0.4m to 1 m) ±2cm (3sigma, 1 m to 240m)
Vertical Resolution
0.1° (-6.51° ~ +3.81°)
Horizontal FoV 360°
Horizontal Resolution [Balance] 0.2° / 0.4°
[High Performance] 0.1° / 0.2°
Frame Rate
10Hz/ 20Hz
Rotation Speed 600/1200rpm (10/20Hz)