KinetIQ 100

by Humatics


The KinetIQ 100 by Humatics is the world’s most accurate ranging radio, providing centimeter-scale precision distance measurement over operating ranges that extend hundreds of meters. Its ruggedized design is suitable for extreme environments.


  • 2 centimeter precision
  • Up to 500 meter range
  • Robust performance
  • Ease of provisioning
  • Rugged design

Available Kits

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The kits and lab packages are carefully designed to provide researchers the tools needed to achieve success quickly — whether the goal is for demonstration, teaching, evaluation and research, or development and prototyping.

Lab Development Kit

The Lab bundles KinetIQ 100 development boards with a variety of software tools intended to support product development, postgraduate research, and undergraduate labs.

  • High performance UWB ranging and radar
  • Centimeter-scale precision over hundreds of meters
  • Collected waveform data logged to MATLAB-compatible files
  • Sample C and MATLAB code allow development of custom applications
  • FCC-certified transmissions
  • Independent operating channels allow multiple users in the same area
  • Electromagnetics and RF propagation
  • Precision range measurement, tracking, and navigation
  • Radar
  • RF Communications
  • Ad hoc network formation
  • RF image processing
  • Target tracking based on radar or two-way ranging

Download Lab Data Sheet


Ranging & Localization Development Kit

Using Ultra Wideband (UWB) pulsed signaling optimized for two-way time-of-flight (TW-TOF) ranging and communications, the Humatics KinetIQ 100 development board provides wireless distance measurements with 2 cm precision.

  • Centimeter-scale precision over hundreds of meters
  • High performance in high multipath, RF-noisy environments
  • Collected waveform data logged to MATLAB-compatible files
  • Range error estimation provided
  • Ranging network with TDMA and ALOHA scheduler options
  • Location engine supporting:
  • Auto-survey of anchor node positions
  • Extended Kalman Filtering for mobile nodes
  • Detailed API with sample C and MATLAB code
  • Ideal for mobile ad hoc applications
  • Peer-to-peer ranging for collision avoidance
  • Indoor / GPS-denied navigation and tracking
  • Automated vehicle following & convoying
  • Autonomous vehicle guidance
  • Dynamic test measurement systems

Download Ranging & Localization Development Kit Datasheet


Radar Development Kit


The Humatics KinetIQ 100 development board can be used as a standalone monostatic radar or as a system of bi-or multistatic radars.

  • Monostatic / Bistatic / Multistatic radar operation
  • Exceptional clutter rejection
  • High resolution (1.4 GHz bandwidth with resolution <6”)
  • Short range operation (a few inches to hundreds of feet) with minimal blind range
  • Detailed API with sample C and MATLAB code
  • Highest possible RF bandwidth at the lowest possible center frequency
  • Fast update rates (up to 20 kHz)
  • Raw radar scan data can be motion filtered and processed for detections / Doppler shift
  • Ideal for propagation analysis and development of RF channel models
  • Motion / presence detection
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging
  • Vital sign detection and monitoring
  • Tagless people tracking
  • Collision and obstacle avoidance
  • Drone altimetry
  • Security fences
  • Proximity sensing

Download Radar Development Kit Data Sheet