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SoftHand Research


The qb SoftHand Research is an anthropomorphic robotic hand based on soft-robotics technology, flexible, adaptable and easy to interact with the surrounding environment, objects and humans while limiting the risk of hurting the operators, spoiling the products to be handles, and damaging the robot itself. 

The qb SoftHand Research is adaptable and can grasp different objects without any change in the control action, showing an unparalleled level of simplicity and flexibility. 


  • Plug-and-play
  • Soft, human-like fingers
  • Right and left versions


  • Education & research
  • Research & development
  • Service robotics & human assistance
  • Medical & rehabilitation


Weight 0.77 kg
Joints 19
Motor 1
Power grasp payload 2.1 kg
Pinch grasp payload 1.1 kg
Hanging payload 5.0 kg
Full closing time 1.1 s


    Download data sheet for full specifications