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The qb SoftClaw is a compact, light and versatile Variable Stiffness™ gripper. It seems like a traditional claw but smarter and with the intrinsic ability to adapt the applied strength to whatever object it is gripping, without the use of any type of sensor on the contact surfaces or specific algorithms on the current absorbed by the motors. These aspects make it a versatile, light, economical and very easy to use device. 


  • Plug-and-play
  • Variable stiffness grasp
  • Adaptive grasp
  • Fixed finger for special tasks
  • Removable and customizable fingers
  • IP 54
  • ROS Compatible


  • Education & research
  • Pick & place
  • Research & development
  • Assembly
  • Machine tending
  • Testing


Weight 0.86 kg
Mobile finger stiffness Min. 0.07 N/mm, Max. 11.5 N/mm
Grasping force Min. 0.5 N, Max. 64.0 N
Payload 5.0 kg
Full closing time 0.5s
Fingers opening 45 mm
Fixed finger detection 0.6 mm 


    Download data sheet for full specifications