by Niryo

The 6-axis robot designed for Education and Research.

Ned is a 6-axis, open-source, and collaborative robot designed for Education and Research.

Based on a Raspberry Pi 4, Ubuntu and ROS (Robot Operating System), Ned allows you to prototype Industry 4.0 oriented robotic uses, learn different programming languages (Python, C++, MATLAB…) and communication protocols (TCP/IP, Modbus) related to industrial robotics.

With its six axis, Ned is able to reproduce all the movements required in the most complex industrial processes, and its aluminum structure gives it robustness and fluidity, bringing its precision and repeatability to 0.5mm. 

Made in France



  • Ned Conveyor Belt allows you to prototype processes that you can use on production lines. This Conveyor Belt can be controlled by Ned or with the provided autonomous controller.
  • Ned Vision Set implements a camera on the wrist of the robot and provides a workspace to use vision related functions by using image recognition. 

  • Ned is supplied with a custom gripper, which allows you to handle a lot of different objects. You can also 3D print your own jaws to make them fit to your projects.

Technical Specifications

System Parameter Ned
Number of axis
6.5 kg
300 g
Max Reach
440 mm
0.5 mm*
0.5 mm*
Power Supply
11.1 Volts / 6A
Ethernet 1 Gb/s
WIFI 2,4GHz & 5GHz – 802.11 g/g/n/ac – (~31 dBm, <80dBm)
Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Interface/Programming Windows/MacOS/Linux (desktop application) & APIs
Power consumption ~ 60 W
Materials Aluminum, PLA (3D printing)
Ports 1 Ethernet + 2 USB 3.0 + 2 USB 2.0
Hardware Raspberry pi 4
+ 3 x NiryoSteppers
+ 2 x Dynamixel XL – 430
+ 1 x Dynamixel XL – 320
Collision detection sensor Magnetic sensor (on motor)

*Ned is a robot primarily made for educational purposes, and testing of small assembly lines. We do not guarantee any precision and robustness over time for your application.



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