Gen3 Lite

by Kinova


The newest and most compact member in the Kinova ultra lighweight robots series, Gen3 lite offers a more cost-efficient option if you're looking for one or multiple professional-grade robots to perform light manipulation tasks.

In addition, Gen3 lite runs on the powerful and robust Kinova Kortex open API software, so you can seamlessly share programming and collaborate with others using any Kinova Gen3 robots.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Portable 
  • Power-efficient
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • 0.5KG payload
  • 5.4KG weight
  • 20W power consumption 
  • 760mm reach 

The new Standard in Professional Robots

Gen3 lite is adaptable for all levels of expertise, so you can control your robot to perform everything from simple grasping tasks to programming more complex manipulation applications in ROS, C++ and Python. 

  • Efficient, transparent actuators with embedded controller
  • High-level and low-level control
  • 1 kHz low level closed-loop control
  • Plug and play
  • Protection zones

Get Started in Under 30 minutes

Start teaching your robot simple manipulation and grasping sequences right away. 

  • Set up in less than 30 minutes
  • Simple connectivity (USB, Ethernet, RNDIS)
  • Kinova Web App from any desktop, laptop or mobile device


Gen3 Lite Spec Sheet

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