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SoftHand2 Research


The qb SoftHand2 Research is the stronger, smarter and more versatile evolution of the qb SoftHand Research: an anthropomorphic robotic hand with 19 disclosable self-healing finger joints. It is always adaptable and robust, easy-to-use and flexible. 

The qb SoftHand2 Research represents a compromise between complexity ad dexterity. This new hand is capable of performing both precision and power groups, as well as manipulating objects while maintaining a stable grip. 


  • Plug-and-play
  • Two synergies combination
  • Soft, human-like fingers
  • Right and left versions


  • Education & research
  • Research & development
  • Quality inspection
  • Complex handling


Weight 0.94 kg
Joints 19
Motors 2
Power grasp payload 3.0 kg
Pinch grasp payload 2.0 kg
Open pinch grasp payload 0.2 kg
Manipulation torque 50 Nmm
Index pushing force 0.5 N
Full closing time 1.0 s


    Download data sheet for full specifications