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SoftHand Industry


The qb SoftHand is an advanced anthropomorphic robotic hand designed for industrial applications. Thanks to its elastic joints and unique motion transmission system, it autonomously adapts to the grasped object. Five mechanically connected fingers allow this end-effector to have both a large gripping surface and adaptability. 

The SoftHand Industry is suitable for testing in all industrial applications where human manipulation is needed. 


  • Plug-and-play
  • Soft, human-like fingers
  • Right and left versions
  • Adjustable wrist mounting position
  • Splash, water, and dust resistance: IP65
  • Interchangeable gloves for special applications


  • Testing
  • Quality Inspection
  • Pick & place
  • Complex handling
  • Assembly
  • Machine tending
  • Research & development
  • Service robotics & human assistance


Weight 0.99 kg
Wrist mounting range 90°
Wrist mounting resolution 7.5°
Power grasp payload 2.0 kg
Pinch grasp payload 0.6 kg
Hanging payload 5.0 kg
Full closing time 1.2 s


    Download data sheet for full specifications