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Part Number:  LD5P-U3-51S5C-B


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The Ladybug5+ is a 360⁰ spherical camera that can acquire 8k30 or 4k60 content. With its patented calibration and superior global shutter sensors, the Ladybug5+ captures high-quality images with an accuracy level of 2 mm at 10 m. The Ladybug SDK provides a wide range of functionality, allowing users to record, process, and export spherical content with ease.

Technical Specifications

  • 2048 x 2448 at 30 FPS JPEG Compressed; 14.5 FPS Uncompressed
  • Sony IMX264 CMOS
  • Global shutter
  • Color
Resolution 2048 x 2448
Frame Rate 30 FPS JPEG Compressed; 14.5 FPS Uncompressed
Megapixels 30 MP (5 MP x 6 sensors)
Chroma Color
Sensor Name Sony IMX264
Sensor Type CMOS
Readout Method Global shutter
Sensor Format 2/3"
Pixel Size 3.45 µm
Optics 6 high quality 4.4 mm focal length lenses
Field of View 90% of full sphere
Spherical Distance Calibrated from 2 m to infinity
Focus Distance ~200 cm. Objects have an acceptable sharpness from ~60 cm to infinity

Product Documentation