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Franka Production 3


Franka Production 3, a force sensitive robot platform that is an industry certified system ignites productivity for everyone who needs industrial robotics automation.


  • Human arm-like dexterity: enables sensitive manipulation and force-enabled applications: equipped with more than a hundred sensors of various types, including in-house designed, industry-leading torque sensors in all 7 axes, the robot is unique in its ability to mimic human like, dexterity-based skillsets. 
  • Designed to be intuitively easy: the set up is straightforward, hand-guiding is effortless and interaction is smooth. 
  • Quick time to profit and productivity: Franka Production 3 has low initial investment and low expertise required. The ease of installation and operation eliminates the need for a dedicated team of robot experts. 

Technical Specifications 

Degrees of Freedom 7
3 kg
Maximum Reach
855 mm
Force/Torque Sensing Link-side torque sensor in all 7 axes
Joint Position Limits

A1, A3: -166/166 deg

A2: -105/105 deg

A4: -176/-7 deg

A5: -165/165 deg

A6: 25/265 deg

A7: -175/175 deg

Mounting Flange
DIN ISO 9409-1-A50
Installation Position
~ 17.8 kg
Protection Rating IP40
Ambient Temperature ² +5 °C to +45 °C
Air Humidity 20 − 80 % non-condensing




Franka Production 3 Datasheet