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Firefly S



Looking for a different model or camera specifications? Contact us at We offer the complete line of FLIR machine vision sensors, including lenses and accessories, and can help you choose the perfect camera for your project.

The FLIR Firefly® S delivers the essential machine vision features you need in an ultra-compact body. Its small size, low power, and light weight make it ideal for embedding into portable devices. The Firefly S provides amazing value by combining powerful on-camera features with the latest CMOS sensors.


Small, Light, and Low Power 

  • Ideal for embedding into compact, hand-held and portable devices with a footprint of 27 mm x 27 mm x 14 mm, 20 gram weight and 1.5 W power consumption.

Core Machine Vision Capabilities 

  • Essential machine vision features including GPIO, triggering, and partial image modes

Exceptional Value

  • Get access to the latest global shutter CMOS sensors at low starting prices of just $199 USD

Technical Specifications 

 Camera Type FFY-U3-16S2M FFY-U3-04S2M
Frame Rate 60 121
Lens Mount S-mount S-mount
Pixel Size 3.45 6.9
Quantum Efficiency 65 (530 nm) 64 (530 nm)
Resolution 1440x1080 750x540
Sensor Type CMOS CMOS
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years
Sensor Format 1/2.9" 1/2.9"
ADC 10-bit 10-bit
Chroma Mono Mono
Megapixels 1.6 0.4
Readout Method Global Shutter Global Shutter
Sensor Name Sony IMX296 Sony IMX297
Part Number FFY-U3-16S2M-S FFY-U3-04S2M-S