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by Seyond


Falcon is an industry-leading automotive-grade LiDAR developed by Innovusion through forward engineering. It can detect objects as far as 500 meters, and dark objects with 10% reflectivity up to 250 meters.

Falcon can maximize point density in region on interest (ROI) which is adjustable to focus where it matters the most to better track objects on the road. High performance LiDAR with strong environmental adaptability like Falcon is key to safe autonomy and smart transportation. 


  • 500m ultra-long detection range, image-grade ultra-high resolution
  • Flexible and adjustable ROI
  • 1550nm wavelength enables better eye-safety
  • Greater environmental adaptability and longer product life
  • Mass production of automotive-grade robust products is ready

Technical Specifications

Detection Range (Maximum) 500m
Detection Range (10% Reflectivity)  250m
Detection Range (Blind Area)
FOV (HxV) 120°x25°
Resolution (HxV)
FOV in ROI (HxV) 40°x4.8°
Resolution in ROI (HxV)
Distance Accuracy ±5cm
Distance Precision 2cm (1σ)
Vertical Scanning Lines 1500 lines/sec
Frame Rate 10 FPS