Puck 32MR

by Velodyne


The Puck 32MR utilizes Velodyne's patented technology to generate a data-rich image for precise real-time localization and object detection in autonomous mobile robots, shuttles and other autonomous systems. With robust surround-view perception in all light conditions, this sensor is optimized for outstanding indoor/outdoor performance. It produces a point cloud with minimal noise and the ability to detect low reflectivity objects at a range of 120 meters. By combining high-resolution 3D perception with a broad vertical field of view, the Puck 32MR accurately detects crosswalks, curbs and obstacles in warehouse aisles for safe and efficient navigation in roadway, commercial and industrial settings.

Key Applications

  • Shuttles
  • Robotics
  • Mapping
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • UAV

Key Features

  • 120 m range with compact form factor

  • Most field-tested AV sensor, with largest install base

  • Best horizontal (360°) and vertical (40°) FoV

  • Top vertical resolution in its class (0.33°)

  • Best-in-class accuracy and calibrated intensity

  • Best-in-class power-efficiency and temperature range

  • Firing exclusion and interference mitigation features

  • Advanced features for minimizing false positives


Puck 32MR Product Guide

Puck 32MR Datasheet

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