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The SICK MicroScan3 is an innovative safety laser scanner designed for use in manufacturing applications. Built with SICK safeHDDM™ scanning technology, the MicroScan3 outperforms other safety laser scanners.

The scanner features a 275° scanning angle and an industry-leading 9-meter protective range. With a sleek and compact size (112mm x 163.1mm x 111mm) and a durable aluminum construction, the MicroScan3 can be installed where other safety devices cannot.

The MicroScan3 utilizes non-proprietary connection ports to reduce the cost of cabling and installation and features the easy-to-use SICK Safety Designer programming software. A single scanning unit can be configured to monitor four protective fields simultaneously and store up to eight different configurations.

Technical Specifications 

The key to the MicroScan3’s reliability and accuracy is SICK’s safeHDDM™ scanning technology. The scanner has a wide field of view and protection range, reaching 9 meters of protected area in a 275-degree view. The second longest protection range is a mere 5 ½ feet. The MicroScan3 also filters and evaluates 88,000 individual pulses per revolution overcoming challenging ambient conditions such as dust, debris, and changing lighting.

The scanner features a die-cast aluminum housing making it sturdy, compact, and lightweight. Advances in component technology also allows the MicroScan3 to have industry-leading electromagnetic compatibility. It is easy to install and re-install with configuration memory making relocation easy.

The MicroScan3 integrates with existing industrial safety networks via CIP Safety™ via EtherNet/IP™ or PROFIsafe via PROFINET via any desired access point in the network. They can also pull configuration data from the network allowing for quick changeover.



MicroScan3 Data Sheet