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by Hokuyo


The UST-20LX is a scanning laser rangefinder that provides range readings in a 2D field of view. The Hokuyo lasers are compact and light, making them ideal for mounting on end effectors, aerial vehicles, or small mobile platforms.


  • Navigation and obstacle detection: Guide path planning for mobile robots and autonomous systems
  • Object positioning: control docking processes of AGVs, AGCs
  • Object Profiling: cargo containers, pallets for loading & unloading
  • Object measurement and detection: volume of packages, pallets, flow measurement of bulk materials
  • Area monitoring: building security and entrance ways


Model UST-20LX
Supply voltage DC 12V/DC 24V (operation range 10 to 30V ripple within 10%)
Supply current 150mA or less (during start up 450mA is necessary.)
Light source Laser semiconductor (905nm), Laser class 1(IEC60825-1:2007)
Detection range 0.06m to 20m (white Kent sheet)
0.06m to 8m (diffuse reflectance 10% )
Max. detection distance : 60m
Accuracy ±40mm*1
Repeated accuracy σ<30mm*1
Scan angle 270°
Scan speed 25ms (Motor speed 2400rpm)
Angular resolution 0.25°
Start up time Within 10 sec (start up time differs if malfunction is detected during start up)
Input IP reset input, photo-coupler input(current 4mA at ON)
Output Synchronous Output, photo coupler open collector output 30VDC 50mA MAX.