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May Mobility Uses Cepton LiDAR Technology to Advance Autonomous Driving

May Mobility Uses Cepton LiDAR Technology to Advance Autonomous Driving

Cepton Technologies, a 3D sensing solutions provider that delivers high performance LiDAR technology, has formed a strategic partnership with up and coming autonomous transportation company May Mobility.

May Mobility transports individuals using their self-driving micro shuttle service and make short distance travel safe, convenient and comfortable. The idea from the company came from CEO Edwin Olson as he was working at the Toyota Research Institute. He realized that although they hadn’t quite reached level 5 autonomy on the vehicles, they technology they created could still handle a wide variety of environments. He team identified market segments that desperately needed the solutions, and were able to show customers quantifiable evidence that there were performance improvements over existing transportation systems.

May Mobility already boasts operational vehicles and paying customers, and hope to further expand their strategic partnerships. Click here to read more about the company and their take on the future of autonomous driving.

Learn more about Cepton LiDAR's, available on the clearpath store.

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